What is the level 3 Mental Health First Aid qualification?

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Across the UK 1 in 4 people will experience a common mental health problem in any given year

1 in 6 experience a common mental health problem in any given week

Yet there is still a lot of uncertainty, stigma and misunderstanding around mental health

The level 3 Mental Health First Aid training course is an internationally recognised qualification designed to address these issues. It provides learners with an understanding of the fundamentals of mental health, an overview of common conditions that people can experience, and helps to develop the skills to support them and their recovery.

It is designed and written by professional therapists, using the latest research and neuroscience studies to ensure that the information being taught is relevant, up to date and equips learners with the right skills to support others in a safe and ethical manner.

The course can either be covered over 2 full days, or can be delivered as 4 half day sessions, and can be delivered either in person, or online. The course can be attended by anyone, regardless of previous knowledge or experience of mental health.

At the end of the course there is an multiple choice assessment paper, and upon successful completion your learners will receive a certificate confirming their Ofqual accredited level 3 qualification in Mental Health First Aid.

Course Overview:

The level 3 Mental Health First Aid qualification covers the following topics:

  • Understanding Mental Health

  • The role of the Mental Health First Aider

  • Listening skills

  • Common Mental Health conditions, symptoms and signs

  • Signposting

  • Mental Health in the workplace

  • Self care

You can download the full qualification specification here for more detailed information

Enhanced Mental Health First Aid

We believe that being a mental health first aider is a vital role in the community, and we want to support them in their duties beyond just the training they do. That's why every learner signed up to the Level 3 Mental Health First Aid course also gets the following support post training course:

  • Access to two additional online e-learning modules, including more information about specific mental health conditions, managing boundaries, dealing with conflicts of interest and confidentiality, and signposting resources

  • Access to an online community of mental health first aiders for peer support and guidance

These two modules, comprising around 10 additional hours of learning, are free for all learners.

Following completion of these modules, the learner can then, if they choose, complete an advanced assessment, for an additional fee of £25. Upon completing and passing the assessment, the learner will receive an additional Level 3 certificate in Enhanced Mental Health First Aid.


Currently MHQ is the only awarding organisation in the world that offers this double award in Mental Health First Aid