Level 2 Mental Health First Aid Qualification

Once you are qualified and registered to deliver the MHQ level 3 Mental Health First Aid training course you will also be able to offer the MHQ one day level 2 Mental Health First Aid course with no extra training or steps required. 

This one day training course covers a lot of the same material, but has been specifically written as a one day course (rather than being a cut down version of the two day level 3 course). This gives you flexibility in the courses you can offer to your learners, businesses or organisations.


Course Overview:

The level 2 Mental Health First Aid qualification covers the following topics:

  • Understanding Mental Health

  • The role of the Mental Health First Aider

  • Listening skills

  • Focus on Depression and Anxiety

  • Signposting

  • Self care

You can download the full qualification specification here for more detailed information

We recommend the price for the level 2 Mental Health First Aid course to be £120 per learner. As with the level 3 course (and all accredited courses) there is a license fee per learner per course which is set at £10 (£15 if using our IQA service), and includes the lesson plan, powerpoint slides, learner assessment, learner certification and learner workbook. 

We have a number of other courses coming up in the next 12 months:

  • Level 2 Managing Stress                                

  • Level 2 Mental Health Awareness for Managers

We are currently developing and hope to launch in the near future a Level 4 certificate in Mental Health First Aid - the only course of it's kind in the UK.

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