How do I become a trainer?

Becoming a trainer with MHQ is a really simple, streamlined process.


Whether you're joining as an existing trainer or teacher, or coming from no previous experience at all, we make it easy for you to start delivering your own training courses

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What will I need?

You will need four things in place in order to deliver the MHQ Ofqual Mental Health qualifications:

Level 3 Award in Education and Training (AET) or equivilent

Completion of the MHQ Level 3 Mental Health First Aid course

Completion of the MHQ Level 3 Mental Health Instructors course

Register as a training centre with MHQ (either with your own IQA or using our own IQA service)

The good news is if you haven't got all of these in place, you can do them all through us, either together in one go, or separately step by step at your own pace, making it easy to get on board and start delivering training

Level 3 Award in Education and Training (AET)

If you haven't currently got a level 3 AET or equivalent you can do this with MHQ as part of a distance learning course. The cost of this course is £230 when booked as a package with the MHQ Level 3 Instructors course

MHQ Level 3 Mental Health First Aid course

When delivering Ofqual accredited courses you're required to have at least a level 3 qualification in the subject area you're teaching, but it also makes sense to complete the course yourself, before going out and delivering it to other learners.

This training forms days one and two of the four day instructors training, so if you're booked on that, you'll be doing this as part of the instructors course below

MHQ Level 3 Mental Health Instructors course

This four day course consists of completing the two day Level 3 Mental Health First Aid course above, and two days instructor training and assessment to help you deliver the course material. This will include a micro-teach session as part of the final assessment, upon completion of which you will be qualified to deliver the two day Level 3 Mental Health First Aid course.

The cost for this course is £500, and can be paid in instalments to make it a more manageable financial commitment.

Register as an MHQ training centre

Upon completing the above stages you will then be eligible to deliver the two day Mental Health First Aid training. In order to have it accredited by Ofqual, it has to be delivered through an awarding organisation (that's us) and we have to have you signed on as a training centre.


This sets you up to access the online portal, register courses and request learner certification for your courses, as well as having access to extra resources and regular updates to the materials. We charge a one off initiation fee of £150 for setting you up as a partner, which covers you for the rest of your time as a training partner with us.


As part of delivering an accredited training course there is a commitment to following quality auditing processes necessary to deliver Ofqual accredited training, usually done through an Internal Quality Assurer (IQA).

You can set up as a centre with your own IQA, although it can't be the same person as the instructor delivering the training, and they would have to have completed an accredited IQA training course beforehand (they're available for about £300-450 from many different training providers).


Alternatively you can register with MHQ as your IQA. Essentially this means that we do the heavy lifting for you, checking your paperwork and delivery to ensure that you're meeting the required standards. There is no upfront cost for this, but the learner licensing fee increases from £16 per learner to £20 to cover additional costs. If you only plan on delivering a couple of training courses per year, this may be a cheaper option than getting your own IQA on board.


There are no annual fees or additional costs involved in being a training centre with MHQ. 


Does it provide a return on investment?

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You might already be trying to do the maths on this, so let us help you...

Let's imagine you had no AET qualification, and were needing to do all four of the steps above, and wanted to sign on with MHQ as your IQA (essentially the most expensive scenario) 

The total costs of doing all of the training with MHQ and signing on as a training centre would be £880. 

We recommend the course cost to a learner to be £225. You may charge less than this if you wish, and may likely do this if you're working with a company or organisation to train a large number of their staff.

If on your first course you had just 8 learners (the maximum allowed is 16 per course, but let's be conservative here) you would earn £1,800. You would be paying the £20 registration fee per learner to MHQ, (this would be £14 if you use your own IQA) which would mean your earnings from this single training course would be £1,640 - enough to cover the cost of your training and still make a profit of £760 from this single two day course.

Every course you run after this would just cost the £20 per learner, with everything else going to you as profit. A full course of 16 learners could offer a return of £3,280 per course

We provide support and guidance on how to market your training courses, including promotional materials you can use, tips for getting through the door with companies and organisations and tools for online marketing platforms like Google Adwords and Eventbrite. As part of the MHQ family, we want you to be as successful as possible.


If that sounds appealing then get in touch using the form below, or have a look at our next available courses 

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